Dean Rolland

for Vermont Senate, Chittenden County


Vote November 3rd

Support of all and small business - No to GSW Act 688

Vermont is not business friendly. My first priority is to focus on making a pro-business climate. There appears to be very little discourse at the local level and within the state legislature about the importance of and supporting businesses...of any kind, size and shape. The only exception is the advocacy from the chamber of commerce. Businesses create jobs which then creates the tax base for all public services.

Policies and regulations like the GSW Act 688 are another nice theoretical idea that will have a disastrous effect on businesses and everyday Vermonters. It offers no real solutions but mandates cost increases and penalties across the board. Added costs to a business only result in less hiring, less investment or raising prices on everyday Vermonters. It should be vetoed.

I support that any new tax increases should only come after there are policies, programs and legislation in place that are pro-business which have measurable effects on growing the economy and tax base. We need to switch the thinking to grow economic revenue then spend vs. spend and then figure out how to get the money... which always translates to be new taxes. This is bad policy. We need more balance provided by representation that has real world business experience.

Growing more jobs

Dr. Judith Ramaley of the National Science Foundation states, "it is impossible to make wise personal decision, exercise good citizenship, or compete in an increasingly global economy without knowledge of science and the ability to apply [it] thoughtfully and appropriately." It first starts by establishing an education curriculum model based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) and is vital to new ideas, flexibility and critical thinking.

In order to leverage the STEAM talent, we must incentivize existing and new businesses to apply the knowledge to create and produce ideas, technology, products, and services that can provide new or more effective/efficient solutions to existing or new problems. From McKinsey & Co., governments with the most effective business-attraction programs deploy comprehensive economic development strategies. From decades of working with multiple economic development organizations, McKinsey found that governments can benefit from utilizing best practices of: benchmarking against peers; use programmatic (industry sectors) investments to grow strategically; tie financial incentives to specific and measurable targets; use nonfinancial incentives such as workforce training/infrastructure investment/fast track/access to development sites, labor availability, and quality of life to create strong foundations; relentlessly focus on performance and evaluation; and build a winning team which includes industry sector experts.

Support 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights

I support and agree that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees a fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms that applies to all law abiding Americans.

I do not support any additional, restrictive state legislation regulating the manufacture, sale or transfer, use or possession of firearms or ammunition.

Universal vote-by-mail elections

I absolutely do not support this government mandate. This represents more government intrusion complicating a process that has worked for many, many years and erodes freedom. Second - it has not set up complete mistake proof processes to eliminate voter and mail fraud, promotes tampering and then does the exact opposite of promoting a fair and credible election. Third -it sends ballots to addresses and voters that have moved - makes no sense. It is another waste of more taxpayer money to mail and handle ballots when the voting process at a booth can provide a legitimate election. If people can still go out of their home and to stores, restaurants and travel, voting at a polling place is no different. Just set the process for six feet apart just like everywhere else. The mail in process is another illogical idea driving fear and appears to be political. The process of going to a polling place to vote or requesting mail in absentee ballots works for years.

Covid and shutting down the Economy

It is tough to say whether or not Vermont's handling of the shutdown of the economy due to COVID was worth the loss of 80,000 jobs as the perspective can only be provided in hindsight. Since this is the pandemic of our lifetime, the science, medical impact, symptoms and repercussions are discovered over time as everything about the virus was unknown at the outset.

The Vermont COVID data provides the following: 58 people died as of 9/16; in one data set sample, Health Department Director Mark Levine shared that of the 40 people who died, the average age was 80, many were in long term care and all had some form of prior conditions, such as lung disease, kidney disease or a condition that suppressed their immune system. The Vermont flu data provides the following: 87 deaths in 2018/2019 with the most vulnerable being seniors and young children as their immune systems are more likely to be compromised. In effect, COVID and the flu have the same effect on the same demographic (flu actually being worse on children) resulting in loss of life.

Also, Michael Pieciak, VT State Commissioner of Finance, in April stated that the slowdown indicates Vermont is unlikely to run out of important health care needs like hospital beds, intensive care beds and ventilators.

With what the data suggests and comparing it to the extreme loss of economic output, the response appears to be an overreaction as COVID acts like the flu, yet we never shut down the economy for the flu. Again, this is a backward looking view as, at that time, the entire effort was spent to understand, prevent and contain an unknown virus. Data sources are included below:


I am a small business owner who creates jobs. My 30 years of experience in running sales, operations, quality systems, and lean manufacturing has helped a variety of businesses maintain competitiveness and profitability while all supporting the interests of all stakeholders. I support all existing businesses and workers and will focus on policies to grow our economy.


Vermont is one of the highest taxed states in the country creating, in part, a less affordable place to live and a less competitive economy. I will focus on policies that do not increase or add taxes unless we first pay for them by increasing the economy which increases the tax base.


I strongly support our Constitutional principles. Our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights are under attack and I will stand up and protect our rights including conservative free speech.


One of the purposes of government is to provide safety and security. I will support all efforts to uphold and protect those who protect us.


The impact on our economy, families, schools, freedoms is unprecedented. I support all measures based on facts, data, information and common sense to get back to some level of normalcy. This, in part, will be from inclusively gaining input from a broad base of constituents.